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The success of any organisation depends on the values that drive the people behind it. And the ones behind the name of Shanta Sriram truly understand their responsibility towards the society. Our Founder and Managing Director, Mr. M. Narasaiah, is a well qualified Civil Engineer with great visions about the future. His immense wealth of knowledge in the areas of construction and marketing has paved the way for the organisation to grow in leaps and bounds from inception till date. And with his continued presence at the helm is sure to keep the organisation headed in the right direction.

Mr. M. Lingaiah also serves in the capacity of Managing Director. He was the co-founder of Shanta Sriram Constructions Pvt. Ltd. along with Mr. M. Narasaiah. Looking over the operational side of the business, he is in charge of construction, keeping stock and procurement of materials and also handles contract relations. With his able leadership qualities, he is heralding Shanta Sriram Constructions Pvt. Ltd. into newer horizons.

Mr. M. Surender serves as the Chief Engineer for all the projects undertaken by Shanta Sriram Constructions Pvt. Ltd. With a keen eye for detail, he doesn’t miss anything. And is rightly in charge of all the planning and implementation of projects.

Between the three stalwarts, the organisation benefits from the collective wealth of over XXX years of experience.