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Architects & Interior Designers

Everything said and done, any project is finally evaluated on its design, quality, practicality and sustainability. And the role of the Architect and Interior Designer becomes extremely critical. A building should be pleasing to the eye, captivating and yet, meet the requirements of the home buyer. We at Shanta Sriram take pride in having joined hands with the biggest and finest architects that this country has produced who have been indispensable in creating the now legendary Shanta Sriram buildings since inception.

By working for Shanta Sriram, I have experienced the opportunity to participate in a premium project that leveraged my architectural skills to the hilt. It's wonderful to work with Shanta Sriram. I especially take delight in the diversity of their offerings

Mr. Sridhar, principal architect & Interior Designer, C-Con Consultants

Being one of Shanta Sriram architects keeps me on the toes, literally! The company's deep focus on innovation and introduction of new features help me derive immense satisfaction from my work, always.

Mr. Genesis, Associates

Shanta Sriram achievements and recognition, in such a short period of time, instil pride in me to be associated with a company that recognizes and rewards originality in architecture

Mr. Sudhir Reddy, principal architect & Interior Designer Sudhir Associates

Structural Consultants

At Shanta Sriram, we understand that when we hand over the keys to your home, we are also responsible for the well being of your family for generations to come. Our responsibility begins right at the conceptualisation stage when we strive to construct a building that will stand tall for years, withstanding everything mother nature would throw at it. And we do that by associating ourselves with only the best structural engineers who make the building physically withstand the stresses and strains it my undergo in the future. Apart from this, we also monitor the progress of the project and conduct stringent quality control tests at every stage to ensure you get only the best from us.

Mr. Madhava Rao, Structural Consultant.

The entire experience of contributing to Shanta Sriram prestigious project was smooth and swift. This association has contributed to my developing a sense of achievement.

Mr. Zaki Ahmed - Structural Consultant, Zaki Associates.

It was really a privilege to have worked on the residential project of Shanta Sriram. Look forward to more such delightful assignments in the future.

Landscape Designers

What good is a home with just shades of grey and no green? And why should a home in the city be far removed from nature’s bounty? It shouldn’t. And at Shanta Sriram buildings, greenery is one of the most important aspects. We not only create resplendent indoors but also ravishing outdoors with the help of our skilled landscaping artists. From manicured gardens to lawns to lush green trees, every project has its own signature that is decided by our landscaping designers, thereby giving you a home that is not only beautiful but healthier too.


While handling multiple big project at one time, it becomes tedious for any one man to oversee every little detail that goes into the building process. At Shanta Sriram, we partner with contractors who are dependable and have a high volume of work on big projects across the country in their portfolio. We also ensure that only skilled and trained labourers and craftsmen work on our projects to deliver a final product that exceeds your expectations.

Material Suppliers

No matter how efficient the processes are or how dependable our partners are, if the ingredients are not good, the final product can never be great. It is in this pursuit of greatness that we leave no stone unturned to procure raw materials of the highest possible quality. From bricks to the cement to the sand used to the final fixtures that go into your home, we go the extra mile to make sure that no corners are cut. Thereby giving you a home is sturdy, sustainable and long lasting.

Services Consultants

A home is not just about bricks and mortar. There is a lot more that goes into making a house into a home. Like the mechanical, electrical and plumbing works which are not only integral, but it is essential that they work seamlessly without any hassles. At Shanta Sriram, we work with only the well-renowned service consultants who do not compromise on anything. Because when it comes to your home, nothing less would do.

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