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10 Factors to keep in mind before you Buy home

10 Factors to keep in mind before you Buy home

Buying a new home? Well-wishings for you.

During the course of buying a new home, what are the things you have researched? Did you make a real effort of what to keep in mind? Because it’s a no child play, instead it’s a huge investment you’re getting into.

If you haven’t done any, no need to panic. We will tell the 10 most important factors to consider before you buy a home.

Ten important things no one tells about First-time Home buying

1. Have you done a Prior Research?: What’s under your research checklist? Complete research about the real estate market trends will guide you to paradise. Believe, it works! Get a precise idea of prices, areas you want to reside in, nearby pieces of stuff, and many more. Having a research plan will not only benefit you in the present but also in future.

2. Did you think of the right location?: Is the property in your mind situated nearby any hospitality sectors? How many schools, colleges, hospitals and entertainment centres are located nearby. That’s why the factor called location plays an important role while buying a home. And, also choosing so will also lessen your travel expenses. Because time is precious as it is said. hence figure it outright today.

3. Think of a long term plan: What your buying is a home and not some chocolate kind of stuff. Right? Perhaps properties are always said to pay off good returns in a long term investment. So before you buy a home, make sure you are planning for a long-term stay.

4. Your needs should be your first priority: Home is not just a property, it is also a heaven. You live, enjoy, laugh, have fun with your family, friends. So make sure you buy a home that fulfils your end needs. Lacking space is frustrating especially when you are a loving troop of 5 or more people. Think of your needs before a house hunt.

5. Have a budget in mind: It is natural. Before buying something don’t we look back on what is the number in mind? Yes, the same principle applies to buy a property. It is to ensure you don’t waste your time and you get the most suitable and deserving property.

6. Make a proper judgement about features: Suppose you’re buying an apartment, most of the time people get misguided with the enhanced features. Keep in mind- “All that glitters is not Gold.” So make sure the imported taps, exceptional dining features, Sofas do not cloud you from taking the right property.

7. What are the Hidden Costs?: Hidden costs are nothing but the conveyancing fees, Transfer fees, Prior deposits. Ensure you consider these. Get some purport of what you’re in before buying a home. It will help you plan your additional costs and take all these in your budget plan.

8. Never ever RUSH: The major mistake each of us probably does while first-time buying a property is close the deal soon. Take time as much as you can, ask questions, compare and then decide. Because buying a home could be your financial or/ future asset.

9. Negotiation: Don’t we negotiate with a vegetable vendor? So think! What you’re about to buy is a home. Check out if there are some problems with the property, ask questions, this can lead to sale contingent. Make sure you end up with the best possible price. Learn some negotiating techniques.

10. Start the deposit: Though you have thought of taking a mortgage loan or something else- saving an amount can help in reducing the burden.

Don’t make buying a home complicated process. We will tell you even more and simple techniques. Contact us : @040-45656500


Dinesh Kumar

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