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1. What kind of a company is Shanta Sriram?

Founded in 1995, Shanta Sriram Constructions Pvt. Ltd. was started by Mr. M. Narsaiah and Mr. M. Lingaiah. Starting with residential projects, today the organization has spread its wings to commercial spaces and promoting plot layouts too. 25 years after its inception, Shanta Sriram stands tall as an end-to-end real estate organization with a reputation of honest and fair business practices.

2. Who established Shanta Sriram?

Shanta Sriram was founded by Mr. M. Narasaiah, a well qualified Civil Engineer and also the MD of the company and Mr. M. Lingaiah who also serves in the capacity of Managing Director and oversees the operational side of the business.

3. How many projects have been completed?

80 Projects and 5000+ Homes Delivers.

4. What are the strengths of Shanta Sriram?

For over 25 years, honesty and handwork have remained the core guiding principles of the organization. And it is with these principles that we have turned people’s dreams into reality and multiplied their investments. With a keen eye on the dynamically changing real estate trends, Shanta Sriram prides itself on the ability to spot highly appreciating land pockets beforehand and delivering projects that are both practical and beautiful.

5. What are the future plans of Shanta Sriram?

Shanta sriram is presently building many residential apartments , and its plan to foray into the development of layouts house plotting , gated communities apartments , villas, commercial, office complexes, malls and multiplexes and hotels, in Hyderabad /Bangalore.

6. What is the process of booking an apartment?

You can own a Shanta Sriram home in two easy steps:

Step 1: Kindly fill in the application form furnished with the Project Brochure (or you can arrange to collect the application form directly through our office). On submitting the duly completed application form, our Customer Representative will take you through the entire process.

Step 2: Render a minimum booking amount (added taxes) through Cheque / DD / Cash towards reserving the home along with the fully completed Application Form.

7. What happens after I do that?

The process of owning your own home will start right away. On the 15th day post booking your home, you will need to pay 25% (added taxes) of the total cost of your home after which an official letter of allotment will be posted to you.

8. When is the confirmed allotment expected?

Once the 25% of the net cost of the home is received, an Agreement of Sale will be executed between you (Buyer) and Shanta Sriram (Seller).

9. How do I give the remaining amount due and at what junctures?

The balance amount would have to be remitted in an upper limit of 7 instalments/ based on the work status of the project. These instalments are to be paid through Post dated cheques issued at the time of Allotment – this is a must for allotment. The 7 instalments are associated with the development of the project as explained below.

Instalment Work Progress Amount
1st After 1st Floor Slab Work 10% + Taxes
2nd Start of 3rd Floor Slab Work 10% + Taxes
3rd Start of last Floor Slab Work 10% + Taxes
4th Start of Brick Work 25% + Taxes
5th Start of Flooring 10% + Taxes
6th Start of Carpentry work 5% + Taxes
7th At the time of Possession 5% + Taxes
Please Note: In the event that any of the post dated cheques is dishonoured the booking will be automatically cancelled.

10. What if I can arrange 100% Down Payment? What are the advantages of it?

By paying 97.5% of the total home cost upfront, you will be eligible for a discount of 5%. The balance 2.5% shall be paid on possession.

11. What is the customer's responsibility for payments?

It is the customer’s responsibility to comply with the Housing Finance Institutions norms and ensure timely payments.

12. Are your projects approved by Housing Finance Institutions for availing Loans?

Yes, all our projects are approved by reputed institutions such as LIC HFL, SBI, SBH, HDFC and ICICI Bank. Please contact our office for more details.

13. What is the customer's responsibility for payment of instalments through HFI's?

It is entirely the customers responsibility to arrange for timely disbursement of instalments from HFIs. Shanta Sriram will not make any formal or informal requests for the payments.

14. What are the supplementary costs to be borne by the customer?

Over and above the home ownership costs, the customer will have to bear the Water, Drainage and Electricity connection chargers, Car Parking Charges, 1st year Maintenance Deposit, Corpus Fund amount, Registration charges and GST. Apart from the above, any applicable charges, etc., to be paid by the Buyer.

15. Can I cancel my home booking?

Home bookings cancellations are subject to 10% of the amount paid as cancellation fee. The balance, if any, will be refunded to the customer only after the said residential unit is resold to another buyer.

16. What are the home units available for sale?

Home units may vary in sizes and specifications from project to project. Kindly contact our customer care for further details.

17. Is there deferential pricing based on floors or direction of the home?

There is no differential pricing based on floors for Non Multi-storeyed buildings. But there is a price difference for Multi-Storied buildings above five floors and orientation/ facing of the home.

18. Are any modifications permitted in the apartment?

While we select only the best available specifications for your home, we understand that you may have your own requirements. While no change can be made to the plan of the home, a few minor alterations and modifications shall be allowed based on the validity of suggestions and feasibility of the same.

19. When are the Carpentry Work / Wood Work / False ceiling / POP allowed in my home?

Carpentry Work / Wood Work / False ceiling / POP work in your home can commence after 95% of the payment is done and on receiving official NOC (No Objection Certificate) from us.

20. What do I have to ensure before the house warming ceremony?

The full settlement of account is a requirement for arranging any house warming related ceremony.

21. What are your terms regarding the Car Parking space?

One Car Parking space is provided for every home on full payment of parking charges on priority basis. Additional car parking space will entail additional charges on first cum first served basis – subject to availability.

22. What is the course of action for possession?

Before 15 days of the possession date, you would need to clear all the payments/ dues like home cost, car parking charges, Water & Electricity charges, extra works, GST, and so on.

23. Can you guide me for Home Loans?

Yes, our marketing team shall be glad to assist you in this regard.

24. What about the maintenance of the project?

On completion of the project, the project will be maintained by our staff for the first 12 months. Thereafter, a residents association will be formed. The charges accrued during this period will be adjusted from the maintenance deposit, and the remaining amount from the maintenance deposit will be properly given to the new association.

25. What if I have more queries and need more information?

Please feel free to visit our office, drop in a mail or call us at:

Phone : 040-45656500/040-65656500