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Land Owners

With Shanta Sriram, your land is a goldmine waiting to be unearthed. One of the most common concerns for a land owner is to maximise profits. And we provide exactly that. With a name synonymous with trust and stability built over the past 23 years, we add value to your land with our expertise coupled with targeted marketing strategies. Thereby gaining maximum visibility and reaching home buyers perfectly suited for a particular project. With our core values as a guiding light and an unwavering vision of the future, you can rest assured knowing your land is in the right hands.

Investment Opportunity

We like flying with others. It makes the journey rewarding
If investments on your mind then an opportunity is at your door. We like to have investors on our side. You give us the competitive edge to do the best we can. Knowing that we have smart investors by our side smoothens our overall work flow. With us you share passion, responsibility and profits. And at Redifice we believe in Sharing, its both healthy and a symbol of trust.